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Please fax the completed form in english. 

To make a reservation. Print this page and FAX it to 415-925-1584, or call us at 415-461-5199 or toll free 888-461-5199. Thank you. For security reasons DO NOT EMAIL!!!



Phone Number:_________________________________________________

FAX Number:___________________________________________________

Arrival Date: Month: _______________ Date: ________ Year: __________

Number of nights staying:_________________________________________

Number of people over 5 years of age:_______________________________

What type of RV: (motor home, travel trailer, fifth wheel, tent camper, cabover camper, or tent___________________________________________

What is the length of the RV in feet:__________________________________

If tent camper, what is length in feet when fully opened: __________

Does the RV have slide outs? ______yes _______no

If so, how many slide outs? __________

Adapter cannot be used; we must know what the amperage of your RV is:

30 amps ____, 50 amps ___ or 110 amps ___

Will you have a car or truck on the space? ______yes _______no

Make of:  Car ____________________   Truck ____________________

We must have your VISA or Mastercard number in order to confirm this reservation.  We do not accept American Express or Discover, only VISA or Mastercard.

VISA or Mastercard #:  _____________________________________________

Expiration Date:  _________________________________________________

Verification # (located on the back of the credit card)-last 3 digits:  _______

Thank you!